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Scaffolding Framework


  • Customization available
  • Executed by experts
  • Quick execution

Scaffolding Frame Structure


  • Quick execution of service
  • Higher repeatability
  • Accuracy in execution
  • Ensures complete satisfaction

Scaffolding Steel Frame


  • Roofing installation, upgrade and repair
  • Siding work
  • Painting and sealing
  • Renovation work to exterior walls, interior walls and ceilings

Total Cup Lock Scaffolding


  • Multi-purpose system scaffold
  • Ideal for many applications as formwork support
  • Flexible erection as straight, curved or circular configuration
  • Ensures complete satisfaction

PPE items


  • Head and neck PPE can protect the user from the impact of falling or flying objects
  • Using gloves helps to avoid hazards.
  • Face protection equipment prevents injury to the eyes

Safety net, Fall arrester & Safe store


  • Provide worker reassurance by fitting the fall nets
  • Greater mobility for persons working above nets
  • Increase the safety of employees who work in elevated areas.

GI(Galvanised Iron) cooler


  • Energy efficient
  • Excellent cooling
  • Lightweight body

Fiber cooler


  • Max cooling area
  • Max air throw distance
  • Good water capacity tank

Tools and Tackles


  • Increase output
  • Enhance capability
  • Reduce costs

Insulation Work


  • High resistance to heat flow
  • Completely fills cavities
  • Vapor barrier

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